A Woman's Place in the Home

A Woman’s Place in the Home

The sacred place of a woman in the home spans the history of creation. Retracing the documented thoughts of the master of creation clearly insinuate a woman’s place. The master thought that it was not good for the man to be alone hence he caused a deep sleep to fall on him and took a rib from him to make woman. He told the man that he would make a help meet for him and he told both the man and woman to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.

Three distinct purposes are embedded in the aforementioned sentences. First to be a helper, secondly to provide companionship and thirdly to procreate.

Being a help meet requires the discipline to see beyond the natural. It entails the ability to see potential and strategically unearth it. Therefore the role of a helper, within the context of the home, suggest multiple areas such as physical work, decision making, and encouragement among others. A woman, as a helper, adds value and refines the productivity of her husband. It would also suggest that, as a helper, one does not bear the magnitude of responsibility but rather be an ever present force to support efforts while maintaining her unique individuality. Such support, at times may require sacrifice in respect to her myriad roles. While performing her role as helper, her presence should radiate God’s glory and as a result her companionship becomes an asset.

A companion is a person who frequently spends time with you, associates with you, or accompanies you when you go places. Companionship is similar to friendship. A person one calls a companion is usually their friend or romantic partner. Providing companionship specifically implies that quality time is spent in each other’s presence. Companionship guards against loneliness and danger. The fulfillment of this role in the home necessitates the need for the woman to be spiritually assertive. The Bible made states that if two walks together and one fall, the other can help to uphold the fallen one. Surrounded by many odds, the friendship of a woman in the home provides a haven where the husband can exercise freedom to voice his fears.

The joint effort of two subservient spirits accompanying and supporting each other traverse to levels of intimacy resulting in expressive coition: an act in which the fundamentals of procreation lies. The ecstasy from such expression is shared by both spouses. However, should impregnation occur, the onus is on the woman to keep the offspring in her womb for the gestational period. Upon delivery, she continues, with the support of her husband, to nurture and care for the child/ren, imparting the doctrinal truths of Titus 2:4-7, mainly through her attitudes.

She also acts as a protector combating the elements of warfare which is beyond ordinary. Cowardly wrapped in the mindset of mankind are insecurities associated with the sinful Adamic nature. Hence the need for assurance. The serenity of the home is therapeutic. It creates an ambience in which to exhale the toxins of life and rejuvenate. The woman according to Proverbs 31 sets the tone for her home. Even though her husband ideally should be the main bread winner, she contributes and partner with him by working as well thus fulfilling the sixteenth verse of Proverbs 31. The biological structure of her brain allows her to multi-task.

While being the helper and companion for her husband, she ably procreates and nurture her children. A woman’s place in the home and her role is sacred. To fulfil such role, it is imperative that her relationship with her maker remains grounded.

Submitted by

Mrs. Carmen Swack Menzies

May 23, 2022


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